Band Rehearsals

A safe practice area for bands and artists. Use our equipment or bring your own.

$20/hr (2hr Minumum) - Band Rehearsal

Rehearse for your next performance or just jam out in our live room or studio spaces (when available). Call or text to let us know what you need set up - stage mics, drums, amps, stands, keyboards, shaker, tambourine, etc.

Drum set includes - kick, snare, hi-hat, cymbals(3) toms(2)

An engineer will always be there to help set up.

  • +$5/hr - Equipment Rental. Only $5 Total for use of any guitar, petalboard, drum, mic, amp, ETC.

  • +$5/hr – Recorded Band Rehearsal - Recorded with quality stereo condenser room mics for a great sounding song demo or live jam!

  • +15/hr - An engineer stays with you the entire session to assist and do a live mix.