Expertly taught lessons for those wanting to grow their career in music.

Ableton Live and Music Production

1hr/$50, 2hrs/$90

From beginner to expert levels, we take you through audio production, song arrangement, melody creation, and more.

DJing and Beatmatching Lessons

1hr/$40, 2hrs/$70

We start with the fundamentals of what a dj does - playing a song > crossfading into another > repeat. Then move to more advanced topics like filter sweeps, beat loops, and other effects to achieve a seamless danceable mix.

Acoustic and Electric Guitar Lessons

1hr/$30, 2hrs/$50

Gage plays the guitar. Gage is good at playing the guitar. Strum Strum Strum. Music Music Music.

Book below in either studio A or B

The more hours you book, the lower the hourly price