Recording & Mixing Engineers

Our engineers are our most valuable assets, carrying with them a wealth of experience, passion and expertise.

Zachary Hanni logo

Zachary Hanni

Senior Engineer


Zack is the Head engineer at Sounds Like Soma. With 15+ years of experiance and thousands of songs mixed, Zack is ready for even your most challenging mixes and production demands.

Gage Bingham logo

Gage Bingham



Gage is the main engineer working out of Studio B, and the studio manager in charge of interns and personnel.

Gage started out as an intern in 2017 and worked hard to grow his skills - eventually becoming a vital part of the Soma team.

Studio Trap Cat

Studio Trap Cat "Buddy"

Secret Studio Owner, Profesional Trap Gangster


Buddy the Cat is the real OG of the studio. Don’t let Gage or Zack fool you, he is the one in charge calling the shots. He will join your session if he thinks your music is worthy.

Ian Brown logo

Ian Brown

Junior Engineer


Ian is a junior engineer taking clients out of Studio C. He is still perfecting his craft and rapidly growing his skills under the guidance of Zack and Gage.