Recording & Mixing Engineers

Our engineers are our most valuable assets, carrying with them a wealth of experience, passion and expertise.

Zachary Hanni logo

Zachary Hanni

Senior Engineer


Zack started his musical journey 2007 when he began DJing. From there he worked on electronic music as the artist “Somaaa” and released 5 studio albums and dozens of singles and collaborative works.

As his popularity grew, he began recording and mixing others’ music in TN and eventually NJ. In 2015 Zack moved the studio to Philadelphia where he continues to record and grow the community of artists who work with Soma.

Gage Bingham logo

Gage Bingham



Gage is the head engineer of Studio B and the studio manager in charge of interns and personnel.

Gage went to college for music business but ended up on the engineering side of things here at Soma Sounds.

Studio Trap Cat

Studio Trap Cat "Buddy"

Secret Studio Owner, Profesional Trap Gangster


Buddy da cat is the real OG of the studio. Don t let Gage or Zack fool you, he is the one in charge calling the shots. He will join your session if he thinks your music is worthy.

Ian Brown logo

Ian Brown



Ian is working as an intern here at Soma Sounds. He is perfecting his craft and getting noticeably better every week.

Ian plays drums and has a utterly fantastic southern accent. For real.. ask him about it some time.