Endorsements And Client Reviews

We appreciate all positive feedback given to us by our hundreds of local and remote clients, labels, and brands we work with. Learning and keeping up-to-date with modern recording techniques means we are always improving each time you visit.

These Endorsements are pulled directly from real reviews posted to on Google Maps. Consider leaving a review if you have enjoyed working with someone on our team! We are honored to have so many loyal clients returning time and again!


Video Projects

Felicia Chunn

Production Assistant

Anytime I encounter audio issues on my video projects, Zack is my go-to guy. May you need audio mastered, mixed, you name it and odds are he can do it. Mind you I live out of his state and I still come to him for the best quality and rates money can buy.

Five years as his client and looking forward to more. Thanks Zack!

Great Ideas and Respectful of Your Vision

Jacob Innis

Indie-Rock Musician

Zack was a delight to work with. He has great ideas to contribute to your music, but is equally respectful of your own vision. I play in a three-piece rock band, and Zack worked with us to get the best possible sound on all instruments and vocals.

It’s clear that he knows his craft, and it is impressive to watch him work on recordings. I would highly recommend Soma to artists of all genres. We hope to work with him again in the future.

Professional Suggestions and Resources

Javenna Avery

Creative Director

The staff and environment are professional which goes a long way in the music industry. The prices are affordable. I appreciate how musically competent Zack is. He is also willing to offer professional suggestions and resources which most producers don’t do.

Always Elevates my Music

Kenny Darms

Modern Contry Musician

The go-to studio for all my recording needs. Zack always elevates my music to a rewarding listening and moving experience.

Engagement and Musicality



Working with Zach and Gage has been a great experience. SLS has a nice, laid back vibe, though by no means is it lacking in the necessary professional hardware. What makes this studio different, is the level of engagement and musicality that they will add to your project. Would recommend to artists of all genres.


Kristopher Anderson

Patience that’s what they have & that’s what ultimately needed when making music. Never rushed always crafted to the best of their ability. Go see what Soma sounds like!

Off The Charts

Matthew Sturman

Zack took my Garageband recording and turned it into a professional studio sounding track with this off the charts skills mixing/mastering. Zack also came up with awesome ideas that really enhanced my song. Great guy to work with… and also a really nice dude!

Endless Ideas

Zach Bautz

Hip-Hop / Rap Artist

Just gonna be straight forward with it. If you want your music to sound good and want people to enjoy it… go record at Soma. There is nothing but music experience and knowledge in this place. They have endless ideas for any genre of music, they keep it real with you and build friendships with their clients. I recommend Soma Studios to everyone, and I promise you won’t be disappointed 🤘 Keep killin it Soma 😺🙌