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World-class recording and professional mixing studio. Get your next music project completed by our Philly team with state-of-the-art audio equipmen...

Mixing And Mastering

We use our diverse knowledge of multiple genres and decades of experience of to transform your recorded tracks into a finished product ready for th...

Artist Website Design

Build a professional artist or label website for your music, merch, and more with our partners at Web Wizard Development! Whether you’re an emer...

Podcast Production

Philly’s top podcast production studio invites you to work with our team of audio editing experts. Equipped with crystal-clear SM7B broadcast dynam...

Voice Over Recording

Our expert Voice Over production team invites you to record in our soundproof vocal booths. Equipped with crystal-clear Neumann Condenser microphon...

Rentable Music Studio Space

Rent a Philadelphia music studio. Utilize HD audio equipment and condenser microphones to record yourself in a private room. Affordable prices with...

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Music Studios in Philadelphia

Music Studios in Philadelphia

Sounds Like Soma is located in South Philadelphia, Point Breeze neighborhood. This area is rich in history and natural beauty. We are located 10 minutes from Center city and only a few blocks from Broad Street. Also, if you are coming from the Delaware or New Jersey area, we are only a quick drive away from your bridge of choice via the Schuylkill Expressway. If you are looking for a philadelphia music studio in the tri-state area or beyond, we are ready to work with you!

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Get The True Soma Sound

Soma Sound is a modern, 4 room creative facility located in the Point Breeze district of South Philadelphia, PA 19146. This 3 story building can accommodate all of your tracking needs, from bands to gospel choirs to voice over recordings. Come and see why some call us the best music studios in Philadelphia.

Music Production

We have everything you might possibly need to finish your musical endeavor. We can take care of everything for you, from pre production through recording, to post sound rooms. Our team and music studios in Philadelphia are prepared to handle whatever you throw at them!

Music Studio Recording

The purpose of our Philadelphia recording studios was to provide something new to the neighborhood. Our recording studio has ample room to accommodate projects of any size. To give our clients the greatest sound quality possible, the studio has undergone meticulous acoustical treatment. We have loaded up on every piece of cutting-edge equipment recording studios in Philadelphia needs to elevate the sound quality of any audio track.

Philadelphia Recording Studios

Four cutting-edge recording spaces in our studio may be configured in a variety of ways to meet your needs. One studio could suit your needs more than the other, depending on what your project requires. When attempting to keep under budgetary constraints, many artists find that using both spaces together is ideal. You may customize the studio as big or as little as you like, and we can meet any requirements you may have. We have 24 hour, free street parking

Philadelphia Audio Recording Studio

We also have experience recording voice overs for TV, movies and podcasts. Our sound treated rooms and large TV screens allow the talent to visually see a video clip or script to more comfortably allow for accurate voice acting. We can tie in a remote producer to give live feedback on the talents performance. Our vocal booth area and sound treated rooms ensure your audio recordings have no background noise or humms in the signal chain.

Recording Studios in Philadelphia

Music Album Mixing and Mastering

Professional studio recordings can be very different from the recording you may already be doing in your home studio space. We have meticulously created acoustically treated rooms to inspire your musical group or band to develop their best creative works. The more planning we do beforehand, the better we can customize out spaces to optimally serve your needs. This way everything runs smoothly when recording and everyone is on the same page. This is where studio recording can be different from other recording situations as there are many stages when it comes to recording in the studio. There is pre production, production, and post production. It is important to allow the necessary time to utilize each of these steps to their fullest.


How long have you been at this location?

The recording studio has been located at its South Philadelphia, Point Breeze location since 2017. There have been several studio moves in the past. We have been in Tennessee, NJ and other parts of Philadelphia before finding a long-term home in South Philly.

How long have you been recording and mixing music?

The head Engineer Zack has over 15 years of experience working with all genres of music from country & bluegrass, to Hip-hop, Rap and R&B. Having a diverse background in recording is what makes our music studios stand out among some of the others nearby

Have you worked with any famous artists?

Pop artists like Charli XCX, Rock bands like Cage the Elephant, Funk bands like Parliament Funkadelic, R&B artists like Jacob Banks, Electronic labels and artists like Mau5trap Records and Kindrid, Hip-Hop artists like Sean Smith, Bamahadia, Alt rock bands like Shamir, Nasty Cherry, and many more that we do not have the room to fit here!