Philadelphia Voice Over Recording Studios

Our expert Voice Over production team invites you to record in our soundproof vocal booths. Equipped with crystal-clear Neumann Condenser microphones, our noise treated studios are perfect for any size production.

philadelphia voiceover recording studios

Voice Over and Automated Dialogue Replacement

What’s included:

  • Private and Isolated Recording Area
  • Expert Audio Engineer to Record, Monitor and Mix your Project
  • Large TV screen for Video or Script Referencing
  • Connect Live Audio to a Remote Producer or anyone From Your Team
  • Organized, and properly named files for each vocal take
  • Easy and Immediate File Delivery - 24bit 48K WAV files

Book Studio A

Audio Book Recording

What’s Included

  • Raw or edited WAV audio files
  • Optional effects or background music for added dramatics
  • Acoustically treated rooms with no background noise
  • A patient audio engineer to double-check pronunciation and dialog

Book Studio A

Additional Offerings

  • Public Service Announcements (PSA)
  • Corporate and Industrial Video Sound
  • Sound Effects and Foley
  • Automatic Dialog Replacement Services (ADR)
  • Remote Recording and Editing Services
  • Male and Female Voice Over Demo Reel creation
  • Audio book Creation and Duplication
  • Video Game Audio Library
  • Vocal Casting and Auditions
  • eDelivery
  • Audio for Video
  • Jingles & Original Music Soundtracks

Don not hesitate to contact us about any scheduling questions or price estimates for any additional special requests.

Automated Dialogue Replacement

If a film has issues with original audio or has plans to replace dialog in a controlled, less noisy environment, they bring the vocal talent over to sound recording engineers like us. Automated Dialogue Replacement, or ADR, has been in use since the 1920s, and is used even more today due to how easy technology make it.

Audio plays a big role in video production. It is obviously valuable to have the option to salvage scenes shot for a TV series if they have compromised audio. With large TV displays in each studio, we make it easy to speak or sing along to the scene you’re working on.

Go from Amateur to Pro Voice Recordings

We work closely with voice over training programs designed to elevate your voice from amateur to pro. We have test scrips available to help you create your own demo reel as you begin your professional voice over journey. Let us give you live and direct feedback on your vocal takes to help improve your overall performance. We will combine your best vocal takes to create the perfect recordings that you can show off and get paid for your work.

Make your Voice Over Engaging

Whether you are recording your voice over for TV or an audiobook, you need to put in compelling emotion into your vocals. The audience needs to believe you mean what you are saying - regardless if that is selling a hamburger on TV or telling a story of a red-caped girl traveling alone in the woods. Having an expert working alongside you with additional perspective will elevate your vocals to the next level. Sounds Like Soma can give you the edge when you need to stand out!

Post Production Podcast Editing services South Philadelphia

VIP Audio Voice Recording Studios

For your author and celebrity projects, our luxurious VIP studios in a traditional recording environment are the ideal location. Our skilled directors and engineers for audiobooks offer efficient sessions in a welcoming environment. For all of your high-end projects, we have a range of VIP studios and services at your disposal

Voiceover Services In Philadelphia

The facilities at Sounds Like Soma offer the perfect setting for experienced audio book narrators. Any narrating endeavor receives precise and effective help from our tailored sessions. Upon request, we provide clean punch-edited files for recording sessions or roll recording.

Philadelphia Voice Over Studios

Are you trying to find Philadelphia voice over recording studios? Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based Sounds Like Soma is your go-to company for any professional voice over or media production needs. Our voice over studio personnel has a history of working on radio and for corporations. Soma will provide you with a high-quality product on schedule and at a competitive price. Want to audition a new voice talent? Do you require e-delivery? Need t o listen in on the session via a phone patch or ISDN? From video sync, ADR, and sweetening work to a straightforward voice over narration assignment, we are ready to take on your project and are more than prepared to meet any needs for any production. Our voice talent and production team have produced many audiobook for Audible, Apple Music, and Spotify podcast stories.

Voiceover Narration for Audio books

You could simply follow along and read a book line for line. Some people may find the recordings more engaging by changing their voice for different character, but we can make it even better. Sounds Like Soma has a massive library of sound effects and vocal effects we can apply to your voice to fit the story you are reading. Not only can we manipulate your voice, we can truly set the stage and the atmosphere your character is in. It is the subtle background music and noises that subconsciously add to a story and elevates your audiobook readings above others who do not take the time to add these additions. Reach out to a member of our team to discuss how we can help with your audiobook narrations.


What Files Do I Get Once We Are Finished Recording?

Unless otherwise specified ahead of time, we will give you high-quality WAV files - 24bit, 48,000 sample rate. Files will be available immediately at the conclusion of your session. We usually send files over WeTransfer or Google Drive, but can also give them to you firstly if you bring along a hard drive with you to your voice over studio session.

Is It Voice-over, Voiceover, or Voice Over?

Proper spelling of voice-over is the subject of much debate in the industry. While voice over may trigger your spellcheck to go off, professionals in the industry will understand the meaning behind it regardless of how you spell it. Voice Over is an acceptable way of spelling it as long as both words are capitalized. The Cambridge Oxford Dictionary recognizes the hyphen use of voice-over to be correct, although visually it may seem unnatural to some.

How Much Can I Make From Voiceover Work?

The cost of a voiceover work is determined by a wide range of variables. Significant influencing elements include:

  • Word count: The longer the script, the more expensive it will be.
  • Usage: The cost will be greatly impacted by how the voiceover is used.
  • Experience: More established voice performers get more fees than emerging talent
  • Revisions: The price will depend on how many times you need your work revised.

The price of voice acting is influenced by outside variables including inflation, economic health, and demand, just like any other sector. You may message your talent to get more detailed information about your task, or look at the Project Marketplace to see what other talent is charging for comparable jobs.

philadelphia audiobook recording studios

If you need any help or ideas with voiceover projects, mixing or editing, please book a FREE studio tour or even give our head engineer, Zack, a call to talk about what we can do for your next project. Even if you are not near our studios, we are happy to work with you and your team remotely.