Rentable Music Studio Space

Rent a Philadelphia music studio. Utilize HD audio equipment and condenser microphones to record yourself in a private room. Affordable prices with bulk discounts.

Studio Desk With Interface and Speakers

Rent Studio C

  • $30 / Hour
  • $150 / Day (Up To 8 Hours)
  • $450 / Week (Up to 40 Hours)
  • $900 / Month (Up to 160 Hours)

What’s included:

  • Studio Desk with TV and Studio Monitors
  • Vocal Booth Area with Condenser or Dynamic Microphone
  • Clarett 8 Pre USB Audio Interface
  • MIDI Keyboards and Synthesizers
  • Electronic Drum Kit and Other Instruments to Make Beats
  • Private Acoustically Treated Room

Engineer And Computer Not Included. Please bring your own or book a regular studio session in Studio A or B. Before booking, please contact a member of our staff to reserve your desired date and block of studio time.

Book Studio C

Rent Studio B

  • $40 / Hour

Studio B is also rentable when not actively in-use by one of our engineers. You will have to contact one of our staff to discuss availability and booking options. It has even better equipment - powerful speakers, better acoustics, and a more comfortable, professional looking recording area.

Music Mixing Console

Rent A Recording Studio Space

Sometimes you just need a new environment to spark some creativity into your next project. Let our studio spaces be your safe, comfy, and affordable studio home away from home. Rent a recording room from skilled audio engineers who keep it properly cleaned, maintained, and free of distracting noise.

Find Cheap Recording Studio Spaces For Rent In Philadelphia

Create your next hit without breaking the bank. Sounds Like Soma offers you the best bang for your buck recording experience in Philadelphia. When accounting for bulk discounts on booking a day or week at a time, no other big studio in Philly lets you have access to the same high fidelity equipment in an acoustically treated room.

Are you looking for recording studio space for rent near you? Finding a rental studio that suits your needs can be time-consuming and expensive, but with Sounds Like Soma, you can find the perfect recording setup to help your audio production dream come true. Schedule a tour with an engineer who can show you around the studio spaces and how to work all the equipment

Visit Potential Studios and Inspect Their Equipment Pool.

Before you decide to rent a recording studio space, make sure that you visit the studio in-person to inspect their facilities. Take note of the type of equipment they provide and determine if it is suitable for the type of music work you’re doing. Ask questions about how many inputs the studio offers, and what type of vocals or instruments can be recorded in the space. Also, inquire about the cost of using additional equipment and if any special rates are offered for extended stays in the studio.

Studio Space For Rent FAQ

What studio equipment will we have access to?

There will always be 2 speakers, an audio interface, and a microphone there for use. Sometimes we do swap out equipment between studios, but you can always ask if you have a favorite piece of gear. If you are a producer and need instruments, synths, or drum pads, just ask, and we can have them ready for your studio session

Can I bring my own equipment?

Feel free to bring any additional equipment that you feel comfortable using. If you are worried about compatibility problems, someone will always be there at the start of your session to make sure everything is set up correctly.

Will people be walking in and out of the room while I’m working?

No, this is a private room with its own entrance and bathroom. The only time someone will walk in is if you request help or there is some kind of emergency.

Are there discounts if I book more hours in studio C?

We now offer discounts on day, week, and month sessions. You will still have to schedule and let us know when you plan to be at the studio so that there are no conflicts with band rehearsals or podcasts. If, when you rent our studio, YOU become a priority client! We will do everything we can to make sure you can schedule when it is convenient for you. We are flexible with time and are willing to work with people who book sessions regularly.

Who is this space for?

We designed this space for all-in-one artists who want to record themselves, or beat producers who need an acoustically treated space to work when their home studio just doesn’t make the cut for whatever reason.

This space is designed to be an option for those on a budget or who may not be able to record at their own home studio. Music studio space for rent near me. Check out a wider view of the entire room below. It is also enough to fit a drum kit and several additional guests.

recording studio desk, speakers and microphone