Mix Music Recording Studios Philly

World-class recording and professional mixing studio. Get your next music project completed by our Philly team with state-of-the-art audio equipment!

Recording Studio with Keyboards and Sperkers

Studio A

With Audio Engineer

  • $65 / Hour ($80 After Midnight)
  • Vocal Booth and Private Recording Area
  • Zero Latency Live Autotune and Audio Effects
  • 15+ Years Experience Mixing & Mastering
  • High-End Analog Recording Equipment
  • Custom Beat Production
  • Clean, Comfortable, and Private Acoustically Treated Room
  • State-Of-The-Art Audio Equipment

If you want the best Sounds Like Soma has to offer, Studio A has what you need.

No matter if you are a full band, solo artist, or need instrumentals produced for you, Studio A is ready for your most important projects. Come and see why we’re called one of the best music studios in Philly

please note: We require deposits up front in order to reserve all studio spaces. Follow the link below to pay and schedule a session, or contact one of our engineers directly to arrange a time to record.

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Studio B

With Sound Engineer

Mixing Music In Studio B

Studio B is an intimate recording space with a strong red glow throughout. This private sound studio is also a treated, rentable space for producers, which includes 10-inch speakers that BUMP when you need them to.

All Sessions booked will be run by engineer Gage Bingham, who is ready to professionally track and mix your song for radio and all digital streaming platforms.

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Or… Rent Our Recording Rooms

Bring your own computer and record yourself - Rent Recording Studio C

We have all the equipment you need from speakers, interface, microphones, and even keyboards, synthesizers, and drum pads for music producers and beat makers! Our recording spaces are designed to be flexible to your musical needs.

When you complete recording, maybe you’ll need a second pair of ears on it. Consider contacting one of our engineers to discuss moving forward with getting it touched up.

Hip-Hop Recording Studios

Hip Hop Recording Studio

Due to our proximity to Philadelphia, we have the opportunity to work with the city’s many great up-and-coming rappers, singers, and musicians. Especially with regard to RnB, this studio has been able to explore new techniques and continue to adapt to fusing and growing genres. So when someone asks if we are just another Philly hip hop recording studio, we can say that we do not define ourselves to just 1 style of music.

We work in all genres including Electronic, House, Funk, Alternative, Pop, Bluegrass, Gospel, and more! By working with such a variety of clients on a day-to-day basis, we are able to combine ideas and mixing techniques when it comes to producing a song. We work closely with our music clients to build a work of art the artist and our studio can be proud of.

I hope that in the years to come, that we can all look back and see our contribution to the ‘Philly Sound’.

Music Recording Studios

Our building houses 4 fully equipped music recording studios that are specially designed depending on your needs. Aside from Studio A and Studio B described above, we have Studio D which is a live room, podcast space, rehearsal studio, and live performance space (like a tiny desk concert). When you book studio time through us, we have access to every room and will move the session accordingly to best suit the needs of your session.


Can I book a day session?

A full day session is a 10-hour block with a discount on the price. Buy 9 hours and get 1 free in any of our recording rooms. Make sure you maximize your time by planning ahead. We are going to have a lot of time to get to work!

How late can you record?

Booking online only allows you to book until midnight, but we do offer later sessions for creative night owls. Prices do increase after midnight, but we are willing to stay as late as you want as long as the start time begins at or before midnight. So, no sessions starting at 3am, but we will have sessions from 12am-6am if you schedule it starting at or before midnight.

Are you just another Philly Rap Studio?

We have a lot of experience working with Pop, Rock, R&B, Electronic and of course, Hip-Hop music. We believe having a broad palate gives us a competitive advantage when experimenting with different effects or mixing techniques. Furthermore, we will do our best to make your music stand out among the thousands of daily releases. Our recording studios are a cut above the rest.

2 Guitar Players Recording