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Professional artist press kit website

Whether you’re an emerging talent or an established name in the music industry, our EPK services are designed to help you shine, attract media attention, book gigs, and connect with fans. Here’s what our EPK creation includes:

What is an Electronic Press Kit (EPK)?

An Electronic Press Kit is a digital portfolio that showcases your artistry. It’s an essential tool for musicians, bands, and solo artists to professionally present their latest releases, upcoming projects, and personal brand to media, promoters, venues, and fans. A custom EPK website design or artist website sets you apart from other artists who are competing for the same gigs you are.

Our Custom EPK Website Design Services

  • A fully responsive, visually appealing website tailored to your unique style and branding.
  • Easy navigation for a seamless user experience.
  • Integration of social media links and streaming platforms.

Highlight your most recent singles, new album releases, or EPs.

  • High-quality audio samples or full tracks available for listening.
  • Purchase and streaming options directly linked.
  • Embed your latest music videos and live performance clips.
  • High-definition video streaming.

Biography and Press Releases

  • Detailed artist biography written to capture your journey, achievements, and style.
  • Space for latest news and press releases.
  • A gallery of professional photos showcasing your image and style.
  • Downloadable media for press use.

Tour Dates and Merchandising

  • A comprehensive list of upcoming shows and tours.
  • Links to ticket purchasing and event pages.
  • Integrated e-commerce solutions for selling your merchandise.
  • Display your latest apparel, music, and memorabilia.

Artist and Public Relations Contact Information

  • Easy access to your management team and booking contacts.
  • Direct email form for press inquiries.

Sounds Like Soma partners with Web Wizard Development, who understands the importance of a well-crafted EPK in the competitive music industry. Our team of experienced designers and music industry professionals will work with you to create an EPK that not only looks great but also effectively communicates your brand and music.

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