Mixing And Mastering Services

We use our diverse knowledge of multiple genres and decades of experience of to transform your recorded tracks into a finished product ready for the radio airwaves!

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What is mixing and mastering?

Mixing and mastering is a process to achieve musical and tonal balance. Typically, mixing audio stems usually has significant and obvious changes, while song mastering is a more subtle art with broad changes that affect the entire song.

The mixing process has more opportunity for creativity to capture the artist’s vision, while mastering focuses on sound quality and making your song competitive to songs on the radio or streaming platforms.

Visit the Soma blog, where We cover the differences in mixing and mastering in more detail.

Professional Music Mixing

  • $105 Mix and Master : Stereo Instrumental + Vocal Stems
  • $195 Mix and Master : Multi-track Recording 10 - 25 Track Stems
  • $260 Mix and Master : Multi-track Recording 25 - 50 Track Stems
  • Prices Include Mastering
  • Contact Us Directly for Projects Larger Than 50 Track Stems
  • Discounts On Albums If You Submit Your Order All Together

What To Send

Please send equal length 24-bit .WAV file stems in your native sample rate along with a reference demo mix to soundslikesoma@gmail.com

We recommend using WeTransfer.com to send large files to us for free. Alternatively, you are welcome to use Dropbox, Google Drive, or bring in a portable hard drive.

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Radio Ready Song Mastering

Mastering can range from being a very delicate technique that just requires modest adjustments to enhance the existing mixes to, on rare occasions, a full-scale rescue operation for troublesome songs where meticulous restoration is required.

We work with you to get your best overall tone and balance on your recordings. We will communicate with you if we feel there are issues with your mix before we proceed with the mastering process.

Unsure if mastering is the best next step for your project? Learn about mastering in our mixing and mastering blog post.

  • $45 Mastering Only

Please Send Us…

A 24-bit stereo .WAV audio file with 1db or more of headroom to soundslikesoma@gmail.com

We recommend using WeTransfer, Dropbox, or Google Drive to send large files to us for free.

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Song Track-out - Export Stems

  • $10 Per Song

Exporting track stems may not be a difficult task, but it is time consuming to do correctly (especially for multiple songs). That is why we charge a small fee to fully export stems when its outside of booked studio time.

Please specify ahead of time if you want dry or wet stem exports

Mixing Studios

Your recording is delivered to a mix engineer who will make it listenable, increase the emotional transmission of the song, balance out each frequency, and prepare it for radio play. We will professionally manage everything for you, including music arrangement and audio leveling to post-production mastering. Our highly skilled mix engineers at specialize in mixing with a quick workflow and are prepared to handle any challenge you may present!

Mastering Studio in Philadelphia

We have dedicated post-production engineers here at Sounds Like Soma Studios. Since mixing and mastering are distinct from tracking, they specialize in bringing out every nuance in a recording while also expertly balancing and fine-tuning the music to ensure that it is listenable and effectively speaks to every audience.

Philadelphia Mixing Studios

The four state-of-the-art recording rooms at our studio may be arranged in a variety of ways to suit your demands. One studio may be a better fit for your purposes than another, depending on what your team needs. For many creators, integrating the multiple rooms makes the most sense when attempting to remain within budget and deadline. We can confidently meet any track count or mixing demands you may have with your music recordings.

Mix and Master Music Studio

The process of mastering involves transforming a song or collection of songs into a final master for manufacture so that it works well on many devices, including CD players, radios, computers, vehicle stereos, phones, etc. To make a music truly polished, the procedure entails limiting, M/S processing, controlling the dynamic range, and balancing the level and tonal balance of the song. We produce a safe, dependable manufacturing master that contains PQ data, UPC/EAN codes, ISRCs, and CD-Text.

Mixing Mastering FAQ

What is Music Mixing?

This is a complicated topic, in short - mixing is typically cleaning up many audio tracks. For example, adjusting volume, timing, adding EQ, compression, reverb, autotune or other methods that may characteristically change the sound of each recorded track.

Mixing has more creative opportunities to capture the artist’s vision. The goal is to transform many recorded files into a single, cohesive and balanced whole.

What is Music Mastering?

Typically, when mastering, you are working with a single stereo file or just the master output of the mix.

Mastering is about sound quality and making the overall song as good or better than the competition on the radio now.

For some artists, the mastering process is for making their song AS LOUD AS POSSIBLE while ideally maintaining the emotion, feeling, and PUNCHYNESS that developed during the mixing stage.

What if I want my song AS LOUD AS POSSIBLE!!

If maximum loudness is your goal, we can make it happen, but you should know there may be trade-offs. Streaming platforms like Apple Music and Spotify turn down loud songs on their platform to -14 LUFS to make volumes across songs sound more even.

You may actually be hurting your music by making it too loud because it loses punch and power compared to less compressed songs at the same LUFS level. Visit the studio for a live demo.

Mastering is the final step in bringing your recording to its potential. It gives your music the professional, commercial quality necessary to compete nationally and globally. Make sure your next song is radio-ready – you never know who’s listening!