Philadelphia Band Rehearsal Studios

Philadelphia’s Best Hourly Band Rehearsal Studios. Equipped With Drums, Amps, Keyboards, Vocal Mics And More.

Guitar player in band rehearsal

Studio D - Live Room - Music Practice Rooms

What’s included:

  • $25 / hr (2hr Minimum)
  • Safe Music Practice Room
  • Studio Instrument Rental including…
  • Drum kit includes - kick, snare, hi-hat, cymbals(3) toms(2)
  • Guitar & Bass Amps
  • Keyboards and Pianos with Stands
  • Stage Microphones and PA system

Optional Add-ons:

  • Audio Recording Band rehearsal - with 1 quality omni-condenser room mic for a great sounding song demo or live jam!
  • Have an engineer there to help you set up and stays with you the entire session to assist
  • Professionally recorded band practice - every instrument is properly tracked out into stems

Book a space to rehearse for your next big performance, or just jam out in our live room for fun with friends.

Contact our engineers before paying to lock in a day and time for your session. Let us know what equipment you need us to have set up - stage mics, drums, amps, stands, etc.

Book Rehearsal Studio D

Recording Drum Practice

Band Practice Studios

Here at Sounds Like Soma, we provide first-rate rehearsal space in a welcoming and supportive setting. To enable you to perform and sound your best, we provide well maintained, high quality equipment in all of our studios. From aspiring musicians and students to Gold and Platinum Recording Artists, Writers, Producers, and everyone in between, we serve as a valuable tool for our clients. Our practice areas are hygienic, comfortable, and air-conditioned. We have a highly knowledgeable team and a wealth of resources to assist you with any musical needs you may have.

Music Rehearsal Services

When you reserve Soma Sound for your next music rehearsal, you will have private and exclusive access to our fully furnished, live performance band practice room. All appointments must be confirmed and rescheduled using our online booking system with a minimum of two hours. Six days a week, rehearsals can be booked from 12 noon to 1:00 a.m.

Philadelphia Band Practice Studios

High-quality instruments in acoustically-treated studios. Soma's live room music rehearsal studios are your space to embrace your creativity. The rehearsal studios are fully kitted, with a variety of room types to suit your needs. Bring your own kit or use ours. Practicing drums solo? Vocals with a backing band? Fine-tuning your ensemble performance? Our Studio D Rehearsal Showcase studio fits individuals and large groups easily.

Philadelphia Music Practice Studios

Get your friends to jam in one of our accessible, cheap rehearsal studios. Use them as your own drum practice space, dominate your band rehearsal, or practice your stage presence before a performance. This area is available to anybody who wants to practice solo or in a band, regardless of their race, sexual orientation, gender, or social standing.

Band with drums, bass, and guitar rehearsing

Rent Our Band Rehearsal Studios

We welcome bands and artists that desire a space to rehearse their works inside our facility. We always have instruments available to rent for your rehearsal. For a fantastic sounding location for your rehearsal, rent out our studio!

Music Rehearsal FAQ

Can I bring my own drum kit?

Yes, of course you can, no matter how big it is. Also, consider only bringing the essentials like your snare drum or favorite cymbals to save you the hassle of lugging around a full kit.

Can I bring my photographer?

We do not mind if you bring along a few guests to your music rehearsal. Or you can consider hiring a member of our trusted team for photography or videography as well. We have 4k cameras, professional lighting, and backdrops available to make you look your best.

Can we extend our music rehearsal studio session?

As long as the studio space is available, you can always add more time to an already booked session. The only way to guarantee a time slot is to put down a deposit - so someone could book their rehearsal right after yours if you do not reserve it sooner rather than later.

Are there any noise issues with neighbors?

The building and room are insulated, so there are little to no noise issues from neighbors. We do ask that people schedule in advance for rehearsal time to avoid the occasional studio noise conflicts. For some podcasts or audiobook recordings, we will make the rehearsal space unavailable to book to avoid any background noise creeping into the recordings.

We are excited to work with you. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding how booking rehearsals works.

If your band is searching for a rehearsal space or music practice room in Philly, look no further! Our Live room, Studio D, is the perfect place to jam out with lots of instruments and live sound equipment to use. If you have any special requests or need a specific configuration to your setup, just heat us know ahead of time and we will do everything we can to have it ready.